Get Your Brand in 4 Weeks

Startup Branding Package

For Startups
Duration 4 Weeks
Price Starting at 4500 EUR (plus taxes)

You're about to start a business or are already in the process? To make sure that you effectively reach your target group and stay on their minds, we develop a unique brand for your business in just four weeks. With a distinct character your brand will be seen as an innovator in your market, and will build longlasting relationships to build trust in your startup.

Turn Your Startup Into a Unique Brand

The Startup Package

- Strategy Workshop

- Logo, Font Package, Colours

- Brand Guideline

- Social Media Formats & Icons

- Business Cards & Stationary

- Open Files

- Optional: Website

- Optional: E-Commerce Solution

The Foundation for Your Success

With our branding package we set the foundation for the success of your brand. You get a professional appearance and targeted brand positioning combined with an outstanding design.

01. Workshop

We start our collaboration with a strategy workshop (video call or in person). Together we analyse the core values of your brand. What makes your startup unique? What story do you want to tell? And who is your target group?

02. Concepts

With the results from the workshop we develop two design concepts for your brand appearance. Each concept will include a draft logo, colours, font packages and visual language.

03. Feedback

In a feedback conversation you decide for one concept to be further developed.

04. Development

With the chosen design concept we finalise your brand design. At the end of this phase you will receive a final brand guideline as a handbook to your brand.

05. Launch

Four weeks after our kickoff meeting your brand is ready to launch. You now have a consistent and outstanding presence acrouss all chanels and touchpoints. The foundation for the success of your brand is laid.